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Formal Safety Assessment

At RISKbytes we believe that Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) forms a fundamental component of successful HSE Management. FSA form the basis for hazard identification, understanding, assessment  and management based on the specific hazards to a facility or development. The services and tools that we provide and implement with the facility operator provide the knowledge and wisdom to make HSE decisions in a professional and robust manner.

The tools that our team uses to carry out FSA are as follows:


Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)
Structured hazard identification (HAZID)
Incident data reviews
Failure modes and effects studies


Outflow / release rate and duration
Jet fire / Pool fire size and radiation levels
Gas build-up and explosion impacts
Impact of safety systems (e.g. emergency shutdown, isolation, blowdown, deluge, etc.)
Fault tree analysis


Escape, evacuation and rescue assessments
Emergency system survivability
Temporary refuge studies
Concept evaluation studies
Scenario based risk assessment
Quantitative risk assessment


Development of safety critical / mission critical equipment
Performance requirements for critical equipment
Hazard management plans
Concept selection comparison studies
ALARP demonstration
Cost benefit analysis

At RISKbytes we have a solid understanding of how and when to use each of these tools and are able to use the most appropriate technology for the situation. We fully understand that company culture and regulatory requirements will influence the level of detail FSA required for a given project or operating asset.


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